Team Building

 Team building through fun.  We offer a variety of programs that will challenge your team to work effectively together on a common goal while creating a memorable and fun experience that creatues unity and better understanding through shared experiences and laughs.
Build a Boat
Your boat has sunk and you are stranded on a deserted island.  Using only the materials gathered from the “wreck” you and your team must design and build a boat that will carry two people to the closest island to get help. 
The Build a Boat team building program is a fun team bonding activity for St. Maarten.  After walking through the “wreckage” to take inventory (may include PVC pipes, wood, cardboard, tarps, plastic, inner tubes, floats…) each team must start by strategizing together to claim the materials they want to build their boat.  Then they must work together to design, build and decorate the vessel in a designated amount of time.  Each person in the team will have an important part to play as the team races against the clock to design and decorate the boat, barter and trade with the other teams for materials, and lastly put the boat to the test as they race to get off the island.
Build a Boat can be run as an exercise where the goal is to complete the task or as competition where teams gather points for innovative ideas, involving everyone on the team, collaborating with other teams, and designing the boat that holds the most weight.
Included: All necessary supplies, tools, safety equipment, pictures and facilitator
Optional: Facilitated 1 hour discussion breaking down the group dynamics, styles, problems and steps for moving forward.  $600
Time: Approximately 2 hours
$1000 for up to 20 people + $35/person

Outrageous Olympics
These aren’t your regular beach Olympic games where only the most athletic have fun – oh no!  These are silly, outrageous and wacky games that make the whole team work together as they laugh out loud.  Our Outrageous Olympics consist of a series of 8-12 outrageous games from the water balloon toss to the  Squirt gun competition to hula hoop race.  Some events will require the entire team to work together while others require strategizing, problem-solving or discovering each other’s hidden talents.
·         A seamlessly put together event including warm-ups and 2 Hours of games carefully designed to be suitable for a wide range of athletic abilities and fun for all ages.
·         Announcer giving hilarious play by play commentary
·         Coaches and Referees
·         All required props and game materials
·         Field layout
·         Hydration station
·         Medal Ceremony (including medals)
Optional: Team uniforms, sports water bottles
Location: Your choice
Price: $1500 for up to 20 people +$40 each additional person

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